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Patient-Centric Care and SaMD

In today's ever-evolving healthcare landscape, one concept stands out, reshaping the way we approach medical treatment: Patient-Centric Care. This transformative approach prioritizes patients, granting them control over their healthcare journey and fostering a partnership where knowledge and decision-making are shared. Understanding Patient-Centric Care At its essence, Patient-Centric Care revolves around treating individuals with the utmost dignity and respect while involving them in every facet of their healthcare decisions. Often referred to as 'person-centered care,' this approach aligns with patients' fundamental rights. Patient-centric care extends beyond interactions with healthcare professionals; it encompasses how healthcare systems prioritize patients' needs and preferences over organizational interests. Here's how it takes shape: 1. Dignity and Respect: Patients receive care marked by dignity, respect, and compassion. 2. Effective Communication: Healt